Lotus Purestream

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The toilet seat designed for you.

LOTUS seats are self-cleaning electronic bidets designed for maximum comfort and hygiene.
Featuring an unprecedented 5-year warranty on most models. Starting at $499.

Intuitive and comfortable

LOTUS is an elegant addition to any washroom

  • Heated Seat

    Keep your toilet seat cool in the summer and warm in cold environments.

  • Soft Close

    Never hear the slam of a toilet seat again.

  • Comfort Wash

    Choose the wash setting that works for you: standard, massage, feminine, and more.

  • Purestream® 通暢型

    LOTUS patented nozzle that produces a focused water stream to relieve and prevent constipation.

Our customers love us.

"I've tried a lot of new things over the years...never has such a simple thing had such a profound impact on my daily life."

"Medically, the hygiene that is provided with this device is second to none. The seat's options are true luxuries."

”我使用蓮花座便大約有三年了, 感覺很好, 用起來很方便, 家裡老少三輩都喜歡。 蓮花座便滿足了每個人的需求。 尤其家裡的老人, 便秘的症狀改善了很多。 現在家裡人都離不開它。 我介紹很多親戚朋友購買, 反饋都很好。 ”

I have been using lotus seat for one year and now I can't live without it. I wholeheartedly recommend to anyone who may be interested in. You will never regret the decision you will make.. 

"After owning a Lotus seat for the past 9 years, I am buying another one for my mom. The new Purestream feature in this seat works well. My mother thought she didn't need it at first, but now, she loves the blower feature. She has hemorrhoid and less wiping will always help her. She said it is also good for older people who has weak legs. ."

" Looks sleek and well-integrated with my slightly elongated bowl. Heated seat is consistent around the entire surface of the seat. Even during the  the bathroom gets cold so to have a gently heated seat ready in the morning is a game-changer.
Overall, very satisfied with the Lotus seat."